How to take the Emotional Quotient Test

1. You have exactly 25 minutes to answer all 50 multiple-choice questions. A timer starts automatically as soon as you begin the test.

2. Answer the questions spontaneously, selecting the option that is closest to your typical behavior in everyday life. If you can’t seem to decide between two options, answer the questions according to what your instinct first tells you; intuition is taken into account in this evaluation.

3. Don't forget that the EQ test is currently being used by international companies in their recruitment process. This test evaluates your chances of success at this time. Thus, it is essential that you answer according to your emotions as accurately as possible.

4. This test has two parts. The first part is intended to measure the EQ level of the respondent, while the second part is intended to check how well he/she understands the concept of emotional intelligence. The 14 questions on the second part of the test are situational and non-verbal perception exercises, thus requiring some reflection on the part of the respondent.

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